"Nice Pistol..."

Now what?

Now go shoot it.

Go to the range and get familiar with it, get comfortable with it.

Take a class with it.

Freeman Training Group is offering the full NRA Basic Pistol course for:

  • New pistol owners: new to firearms, or ownership of firearms
  • Owners of a new pistol: experienced with firearms in general, unfamiliar with a specific or new firearm
  • Anyone seeking more context before purchasing a pistol

NRA Basic Pistol is a day at the range with Robyn and Billy, with classroom instruction followed by a pistol qualification course of less than 200 rounds.  Please bring your new pistol and shoot it. Bring ammunition for your firearm, this is an excellent use of it.



Learn the particulars of your personal firearm in a small-class setting focused on safety and  marksmanship fundamentals. Get ‘hands-on’ with different pistols and actions available.

If you are still in the process of deciding what will best suit your needs, you should handle and shoot as many different platforms as needed until you know what does and doesn’t work for you.


The National Rifle Association’s official introduction to pistol course is much more comprehensive, covering differences between common action types, ammunition, firearms maintenance and more! It’s an all-day affair as you can see:

08:30 AM
Introductions and Orientation
09:00 AM
Session ONE
Pistol Knowledge and Safe Gun Handling
10:30 AM
Session TWO
Ammunition Knowledge and the Fundamentals of Pistol Shooting
12:00 AM
NOT PROVIDED. Bring your own, or venture into SLO or Los Osos for something fast.
01:00 PM
Session THREE
Shooting Positions and Shooting Qualifications

03:00 PM

Session FOUR
Scoring Targets, and Selecting and Maintaining Your Pistol

04:00 PM

Session FIVE

Shooting Qualification Course of Fire


Robyn and Billy are both NRA Instructors, qualified to teach the NRA’s Basic Pistol Curriculum, as well as NRA-Certified Chief Range Safety Officers qualified to teach the NRA Range Safety Officer course.

Robyn Adkins
Robyn Adkins

Instructor and trainer

Billy Adkins
Billy Adkins

Instructor and trainer

Where We Train:

San Luis Obispo Sportsmen’s Association
3270 Gilardi Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93405


Frequently-asked Questions:

Please use the contact us page to ask questions.

"Do you sell guns and/or ammo?"

Nope. Neither.

"Can I borrow a gun to shoot and/or qualify with?"

Absolutely. We have a Browning Buckmark in .22 CAl that’s an excellent trainer.

It is easy to shoot well with minimal recoil, smoke and noise.

"Do I need this for my CCW?"

No. CCW classes are stand-alone courses that include a classroom portion and pistol qualification(s). A dedicated, documented practice regimen, extra courses and formal training are recommended to augment the CCW-specific requirements.

What should I bring?"

Your pistol: all firearms should be transported unloaded in a locking case. If you don’t have a case, the original plastic case the pistol came in should be lockable. An installed action lock or trigger lock is better than “Rolling around loose in the trunk.”

100 rounds of ammunition. For semi-autos, remember the magazines.

Glasses/Sunglasses/Safety or prescription eyeware. Eyes must be protected at all times on the range. If you have different glasses with different prescriptions, bring them, one of them will be best for shooting.

"What about ears?"

We have in-the-ear foamies, plus several types of in-the-ear flanged as well. We also have some electronic ‘muff-style ear protection that excels at range duty that you may borrow. They amplify voices, but also attenuate loud sounds like gunfire. Highly recommended, these ensure you can always hear range commands and other shooters speaking around you while keeping your hearing intact. This type is available locally and online. Most common brands are Howard Leight and Walker’s.